The Genova Companies

As a developer and consultant, Genova offers the experience and skills necessary to achieve low risk resource supply side solutions that are economically and environmentally efficient.


Genova Power Advisors, LLC

The principals of Genova have a wide range of involvement and experience in the power industry, which translates into value creation for the client. Through their professional skills and hands-on experience, they have the capability of providing full scope services to clients seeking solutions to power related issues. The services provided are typically customized and scaled to fit the specific needs of the client. Examples of the services provided include the following:


Genova Florida, LLC

An asset holding company for the Osceola Generating Station located in Holopaw in central Florida. This ~500 MW gas fired simple cycle peaking plant was acquired by Genova Florida from GenOn. The plant began operations is 2003 and has been a preserved state since 2015. Genova plans to either relocate the equipment to another market or return the plant to service for a Florida- based load servicing entity.


Genova Power Solutions, LLC

An asset holding company, focusing on the development of large generating facilities, providing complete management services necessary to take a power generation project from concept to commercial operation. 

These services include: